Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you distribute every image you shoot?
A:  No. Our post-production team will carefully analyze the results from the photo shoot, thus only rendering   you with the most stunning images that were captured.

Q:  Does your studio do newborn shoots, and weddings?
A:  No. Unfortunately, at this time we do not provide those services.

Q:   Do you edit all of our final images
A:   Yes. With the assistance of powerful software such as Photoshop and Light room. These apps enable us optimize each photo’s exposure and color, resulting in a highly polished and professional product.

Q:  Can I bring a friend?
A:  Most definitely! This is highly recommended during a senior portrait session. If bringing a friend will maximize your comfort level, then it is strongly encouraged.

Q: What happens if the weather is bad on our scheduled session date?
A:  Being that Michigan weather is notorious for being unpredictable. We have implanted a system of monthly back up dates. Also there is no additional service fee if the weather prohibits the session from taking place.
Tips for Great Photos
-  Keep clothing simple. Try to choose solid colors for your photo session.

-  Our photographer may suggest a full-length pose. Make sure you coordinate your family's clothing from head to toe.

-  Darker clothing slims. Choose shades of black, brown, blue, dark green and other jewel-toned colors.

-  Scoops or v-necks shirts flatter shorter necks and full faces. Turtlenecks or high-necked garments flatter longer necks and slender faces.

-  Keep clothing consistent. Dress everyone in the same style. Don't mix casual and formal clothing in photos.

Coordinate Colors
-  Wear light on white. Light pastel or white clothing looks best against a light-colored or white photography backgrounds.

-  Wear dark on dark. Dark clothing looks best against darker backgrounds and creates a more formal mood.

-  Add accents. Show your style in small accents. Save stronger colors and patterns for accessories like scarves and neckties.